Microloan – With 24h Immediate Payment

Microcredit – Online, immediate payment & despite Private credit

The microcredit: just the thing when it needs to be quick and uncomplicated. With the online micro-loan with immediate payment from MinorCredit you apply for the loan from the first step to the payment completely online.

Through the automatic check it is possible for you to get a microcredit despite Private credit. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Instant confirmation and payment in less than 24 hours
  • Fast application process – in under 10 minutes to microcredit
  • No paper & income proof: online exam
  • Even without bank: Private possible

How does MinorCredit’s micro loan work? Through our platform, we bring together borrowers like you with private investors, investors, and specialized banks, and make it possible to apply for a micro-loan online in just a few steps. Because in 2019 you should not run to the bank, if you want to borrow small money quickly.

So, why are you still running to the bank? Apply for your micro loan with immediate payment online and fulfill your wishes tomorrow!

Private micro loan

MinorCredit automatically merges borrowers with investors, allowing for all types of personal loans and loans. However, this does not mean that borrowers need to create “loan projects”. The application is made simply and anonymously online.

MinorCredit’s micro loan dispenses with salary or contract documents in paper. Thus, the application will be completed in a few steps and the money will be transferred to the bank account as soon as possible

Through the quick and easy process, you, as a borrower, get an instant commitment to your microcredit. As a credit platform, we waive paper and salary statements. This distinguishes a credit marketplace such as MinorCredit from banks and credit institutions, where on the one hand often micro loans are not taken up over 250 euros. And on the other bank loans are often associated with paperwork and waiting time.

The difference to the small loan

Microcredits are often called in the same breath as small loans, but may differ from these.

Originally, so-called “microfinance” was a kind of mini-loan for small businesses. This was used especially in developing countries in the late 1990s. The amount of the loan was in part only double-digit euro amounts, in return the interest rates of effective lending rates were also in the middle to high double-digit range.

Thus, microcredit initially differed strongly from small loans, which were considered in Germany as a sub-form of the installment loan. In the course of the last years, however, micro-loans from private companies have also established themselves in Germany. They are a popular way to close short-term financial bottlenecks because of the ease with which they apply-most of them are microloans without proof of income -and fast repayments.