Non-bank loans up to 60 days – Loan companies via the Internet


Non-bank loans up to 60 days. From the loan companies, we can distinguish stationary companies and very popular online loan companies.

Same non-bank loans available on the Internet can be divided into:

They are so-called short-term loans, granted for a very short period, usually from 1 day to 1 month. But there are offers from loan companies that will lend for 45 days or even 61 days. The loan is returned to the lender’s account in one installment or two (if the repayment period is 2 months) within the period specified in the contract (in the bottom).

Not every loan company offers the possibility of its extension. If it is possible, the repayment date is similar to the time it was given. The extension is payable (even if we borrowed for PLN 0). The amount of the loan is then added to the previous costs and the additional cost associated with the loan extension.

Non-bank loans up to 60 days. The first loan for free


It should be noted that loan companies use various marketing activities to attract new customers. And the most commonly used and the most popular one is to offer new loans for 0 PLN to new clients. Before using the promotional offer, check the regulations in the regulations regarding such a free loan.

The vast majority of ” first loan for PLN 0 ” offers is offered by internet loan companies and the choice is very wide. By far, the promotion is not without interest on short-term loans, because lenders mainly earn commissions and other fees.

For example, for a total loan amount of PLN 1000 for 30 days, the administrative fee may amount to PLN 274.66 (27.46% of the loan value). Interest for 30 days: 8.33 PLN (nominal interest rate 10% per annum). The APRC of such a loan is 1974%, and the total cost of the loan is PLN 282.99.

In the APARTMENTS, it usually amounts to several thousand percent – this would be the ratio of the cost of the loan to its amount if the repayment took place after a year. By comparing the two ‘payday loans’ for the same amount and time, the APY allows you to check which loan is cheaper. The real annual interest rate on the loan is lower, the loan is cheaper.