Payday loans instant decision-Find online finance companies for bad credit

Find online finance companies for bad credit is one of the many microloans that are provided online. Applicants can explore payday loans for bad credit online, they do not need to go anywhere and handle everything from the comfort of home. In addition, they will have money in their account within 15 minutes of verifying their bank account. The loan will solve various complications associated with the immediate need for finance. Need money to pay for a shipment that is on its way to you? Do you need to pay the invoice you have missed to pay, and if you fail to pay it, there will be a problem that will cause a financial loss? These and many other questions will be answered by a fast online loan from As part of this independent review, you will learn about the application process, pricing, conditions, and things to watch out for.

The application for the White loan consists of three steps. First, you need to enter your first name, surname, birth number, ID number, telephone number (mobile) and email address. The e-mail address will be On.

You also need to enter a password and confirm it. This password will be used for logging into your profile. It is necessary to select the source of income (employee, self-employed person or entrepreneur, student, unemployed, pensioner or others) in the offered item and its amount. This step completes the process of entering information about the client, followed by entering the permanent address. It is necessary to indicate city/town, street, house number, and postal code.

In the previous two screenshots, you could see the loan details on the right side. It indicates and how high the amount is, what is the maturity, the fee, the annual interest rate and also the APR. The first loan of up to CZK 16,000 is provided free of charge, so the rows are a fee, the annual interest rate, and the APR are 0. Under these values, the price of possible extensions is 7, 14 and 30 days. The price list is shown in the next section of the review, where the different amounts and different maturity dates of the loan are listed. Furthermore, the details of the loan include the particulars that must be fulfilled in order to apply for a loan. It is a Czech citizenship, at least 18 years of age, a bank account at a bank located in the Czech Republic, debt free, filling in all required data in the application form, the ability to repay the loan by the due date. The right side of the page is supplemented by “Privacy Policy” and the Customer Line numbers with its opening hours. The entire first step of “registration” is very nicely structured, the required data is provided with a question mark on the right in the appropriate line, where the applicant learns the exact information about the individual lines.

Lastly, it is necessary to check the box that gives the applicant the consent to process the personal data entered. This approval also relates to the confirmation of creditworthiness, credibility and payment morale. Clicking the “continue” button will take you to the second step, “identification”. At this point, however, there was a reduction in the maximum loan amount to CZK 4,000, which is probably associated with automatic scoring. In the second step of “identification”, it is necessary to choose how to deliver a copy of the company identity card. The applicant can choose to scan both sides of the OP or to photograph both sides of the OP and then connect to the email. You will then need to submit a $ 1 verification fee from your bank account to verify its owner. This is the last step in the “money sending” process. If the account is with the same bank, then the money will be credited in about 15 minutes and if the account is with another bank, then the transfer will take up to one day.

Fee Schedule

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Amount Charge Number of days Total to pay APR 14-day extension fee 30-day extension fee
15 000 CZK CZK 3,450 30 CZK 18,450 1,141.2% 2 490 CZK CZK 3,450
CZK 14,000 3 220 CZK 30 17 220 CZK 1,141.2% 2 324 CZK 3 220 CZK
13 000 CZK 2 990 CZK 30 15 990 CZK 1,141.2% CZK 2,158 2 990 CZK
CZK 12,000 2 760 CZK 30 14 760 CZK 1,141.2% 1 992 CZK 2 760 CZK
CZK 11,000 2 530 CZK 30 13 530 CZK 1,141.2% 1 826 CZK 2 530 CZK
CZK 10,000 CZK 2,300 30 12 300 CZK 1,141.2% 1 660 CZK CZK 2,300
CZK 9,000 2 070 CZK 30 11 070 CZK 1,141.2% 1 494 CZK 2 070 CZK
CZK 8,000 1 840 CZK 30 9 840 CZK 1,141.2% 1 328 Kč 1 840 CZK
CZK 7,000 1 610 CZK 30 8 610 CZK 1,141.2% 1 162 Kč 1 610 CZK
CZK 6,000 1 380 CZK 30 7 380 CZK 1,141.2% 996 Kč 1 380 CZK
CZK 5,000 CZK 1,150 30 6 150 CZK 1,141.2% 830 Kč CZK 1,150
CZK 4,000 920 Kč 30 4 920 CZK 1,141.2% 664 Kč 920 Kč
CZK 3,000 690 Kč 30 3 690 CZK 1,141.2% 498 Kč 690 Kč
CZK 2,000 490 Kč 30 2 490 CZK 1 338,4% 355 CZK 490 Kč
CZK 1,000 290 CZK 30 CZK 1,290 2 115,7% 213 Kč 290 CZK

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a loan?

The loan can only be requested online, as White uses exclusively the Internet for its business. The client does not have to go anywhere and handles everything from the comfort of home at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Are You Checking Customer Creditworthiness?

Yes, during the approval process we look into the registers and check the creditworthiness of our customers.

What if I have a negative payment history?

Having a negative payment history may not automatically lead to a rejection of an application.

Why was my request declined?

The loan could be refused because you have an outstanding loan from another provider, you are in the debtor’s register, or you have expired your OP.

Is the first loan really free?

Yes, on the assumption of timely repayment, the loan is borrowed without any interest and fees

Can I marry more Loans at once?

No, u White can only have one active loan. Once you have paid it, you will be able to borrow again and higher.

Can I repay the loan before the maturity date?

Yes. You can repay the loan at any time before the due date. Contact us to agree on a procedure.

Final evaluation

The White Loan is one of the world’s fastest trusted online loans provided by the Internet. Its undeniable advantage is the payout rate in as little as 15 minutes. However, it is necessary to have an account with the same bank and go through an automatic approval process that will allow you to pay out the loan immediately. It is recommended to use this type of loan only in case of a crisis situation when an unexpected expense occurs. It is certainly not recommended to use the Loan Loan to pay installments on other loans. Negotiating a loan is very simple and the applicant will do everything from the comfort of home. The disadvantage is the need to send a scanned or photographed ID card and then CZK 1 from your bank account for verification (verification). The loan does not include interest or APR, but fees for the use of funds. However, according to the laws of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to state the amount of both interest and APR. Their value is very high, but it is linked to the speed of payout, the administrative ease, and convenience of handling a fast online loan.