Private Payday Loan

The name Tinik may sound familiar since before, and it has to do with the fact that many of us have come across the company when shopping electronics or the like, but it is not just gadgets that the company deals with, so there is a branch called Tinik Private Finance who are involved in the provision of loans. Learn more at

Tinik offers 3 different types of loans with a top limit of 100,000 Riksdaler. We have after our investigation received the picture that Thor is not among the most popular, however, so have a lot of approved applications in the baggage.


  • Customer service is generally good
  • As we mentioned before, they accept many applications
  • Can be seen as a well-known and safe lender


  • Occasionally difficult to navigate website
  • The interest rate of 9.9% is nothing that attracts directly

The number of applications approved

Based on the information available today, it shows that many of the applications submitted to Tinik are approved, which indicates that a large proportion of customers are accepted. There are statistics that say that over 20% of those who apply will be approved, which can be a good indication of how “generous” they are in their requirements and conditions.


Payday loan

  • Is very beneficial with your work
  • flexible

Flexible loan

  • No fees
  • flexible

Private payday loan plus

  • Here the interest rate is 9.9% and is therefore relatively high as we mentioned earlier.
  • However, you are without fees and you choose an amount for installment yourself.


Tiniks Private Finance – Terms and Conditions

Terms at Tinik do not differ much from all the other mediation services that we have to deal with on a daily basis. It requires you to meet the following:

  • A declared income. Here it varies depending on how much you intend to borrow
  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • There must be no payment remarks for the person who is to borrow

There is also a credit check which you must first get approved for before you are eligible for a loan. A check is always performed by Tinik upon application.


Good service


Since the company has been involved in Sweden for a long time, it also affects the service for this time. Many customers say they are safe with Tinik’s service, which is a sign that the company has continued on its track and can thus be active in the market.

The service is also good as they are open at good times for 6 days a week. Everything fulfills its function, although it may not always seem like you get the attention you should get as a customer.

In terms of the services that Tinik offers, it is more targeted at private payday loans and not quick loans. The maximum amount to borrow here is 50,000 riksdaler with a maturity you can choose from up to 6 years as max.

All in all, Tinik seems to be doing his job even in this industry and it goes smoothly and is managed professionally.